Guru Sadhana -Worship with tears of love

Worship with tears of love

Sadgurudev had many times said – I and you are not related only in this birth rather we know each other for thousands of years. This relation is of the souls. You are not my brother, son or relative. The relation of souls is eternal. These relations are nurtured with heart beats, with calls of the soul and with love and devotion and faith.

The disciple does not get related to Guru from time of Diksha, rather he has already been related for the past several centuries. During this time the Guru changes many physical forms and so does the disciple. In each life Guru and disciple meet each other. Where there is meeting there is also separation. But this happens only on the physical plane. On spiritual plane there cannot be any separation.

The day of 3rd July is very auspicious for the disciples for on it one can devote oneself fully in the Guru’s feet and pledge thus – O Sadgurudev! The faith with which you gave me Diksha without testing me is well fresh in my memory and I too promise you that I shall try to fulfil your aim, your pledges and shall try my best to spread the knowledge given to us by you. Please give me strength and guide me throughout the year ahead.

On 3rd July 1998 Sadgurudev left his mortal frame. But he has never left our hearts. He shall be always there. With this thought every disciple should offer prayers to the Guru on this day.

The Worship Procedure

After having had a bath on this day sit facing Siddhashram that lies to the North. Before yourself place a picture of Sadgurudev.

Then take water in right palm and sprinkle it on your body and the Sadhana articles chanting thus.

Om Apavitrah Pavitro Vaa Sarvaasthaam Gatopi Vaa, Yah Smaret Pundareekaaksham Sah Baahyabhyantar Shuchih.

Then take water in the palm again and drink it chanting thus. Do this thrice.

Om Ayeim Aatma Tatvam Shodhyaami Namah
Om Ayeim Vidyaa Tatvam Shodhyaami Namah
Om Ayeim Guru Tatvam Shodhyaami Namah

Then take water in the right palm and chant thus.

Om Vishnu Vishnu Shreemadbhagwato Mahaapurushasya Vishnnoraagyaa Pravartmaanasya Vishnnoraagyaa Pravartmaanasya Shree Brahmanne Dwitiye Paraardhe Shree Shwet-vaaraahkalpe Kaliyuge Jambudwipe Punnyashetre (speak surname) Gotram (name) Sharmaaham Asmeen Pavitra Diwase Guru Diwase Guru Hridaya Sthaapan Nimittam Vishisht Poojaam Samatyate.

On a wooden seat spread a yellow cloth and propitiate the sixteen Gurus. For this place 16 betel nuts one at a time from left to right chanting thus.

Prathamam Gurum Brahmam Sthaapyaami Namah
Cheitnayam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Poorvaanushtthaanam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Kapinjalam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Vashishttham Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Aatreyam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Mahaadeerghaay Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Agnimoordhaanam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Deerghovasthaanam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Deerghaavasyaam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Deerghaastam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Poornnatvam Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Sachidanand Gurum Sthaapyaami Namah
Tatraado Shodash Gurum Nikhileshwaraanandam Aavaahayaami Sthaapyaami Namah
Gururoopmavam Gurubrahmaroopam,
Vishnnushcha Rudram Devam Vadaamyam.
Guruvei Guruvei Param Poojyaroopam,
Guruvei Sadaaham Prannamam Namaami.
Guruvei Kaarunnya Roopam Sadevam,
Guru Aatmaroopam Praann Swaroopam.
Devasya Roopam Cheitanya Moortim,
Gururve Prannamyam Guruvei Prannamyam
Mam Ashru Arghyam Pushpam Prasoonam,
Deham Cha Pushpam Sharannyam Twamevam.
Jeevodvadaam Poornna Madeiv Prapadye Sadaaham,
Sharannyam Sharannyam Gururvei Sharannyam.
Tvam Naath Poornnam Tvam Dev Poornnam,
Aatma Cha Poornnam Gyaanam Cha Poornnam,
Aham Tvaam Prapannam Prapadye Sadaaham,
Sharannyam Sharannyam Guruvei Sharannyam
Anaatho Daridro Jaraa Rog Yukto,
Mahaa Sheernna Deenah Sadaa Jaadya Vaktaah.
Vipatti Pravishtam Sadaaham Bhajaami,
Gururvei Sharannyam Gururvei Sharannyam.

After this offer water, vermilion and flowers on the 16 Gurus. Also light Ghee lamp and incense. On a separate wooden seat place picture of Sadgurudev and chanting thus offer rice grains.

Om Aam Hreem Krom Praanaa Ih Praannaah
Om Aam Hreem Krom Jeev Ih Sthitah
Om Aam Hreem Krom Sarve-indryaanni
Om Aam Hreem Krom Vaangmanastvakachakshuh Shrotra Jihvaa Ghraann Pannipaad Paayupsthaami Ihaagatya Sukham Chiram Tishtthantu Swaahaa. Om Gum Idam Gangaa Jal Snaanam Gurubhyo Namah.
Om Gum Idam Kesharchandanam Gurubhyo Namah.
Om Gum Esh Dhoopah Gurubhyo Namah.
Om Gum Esh Deepah Gurubhyo Namah.
Om Gum Idam Pushpam Gurubhyo Namah.
Om Gum Idam Neivedyam Gurubhyo Namah.

Then chanting thus offer your body, mind, senses, knowledge, devotion, faith in feet of the Guru.

Mam Praann Deh Rom Pratirom Indrayaanni Shrotra Jihvaa Ghraann Paanni Paad Payoopasthaani Mam Shraddhaa Vishvaasam Samast Shishyaannaam Sarvasvam Cha Pushp Roopenn Samarpayaami.

Offer flowers in holy feet of Sadgurudev. Chant 4 rounds of Guru Mantra and sing Guru Aarti. On this auspicious day take a pledge before the picture of Sadgurudev to offer selfless service to him.

The day of Mahaprayaann i.e. when Sadgurudev left his mortal frame is important as on it one can fully devote oneself in holy feet of Sadgurudev. One does not require any Sadhana articles for this Sadhana. One should just have a picture of Sadgurudev and pure sacred feelings of love and devotion in one’s heart.

Guru Samarpann Stuti

  • Ab Saunp Diyaa Is Jeevan Kaa, Sab Bhaar Tumhaare Haathon Mein,
    Hai Jeet Tumhaare Haathon Mein, Aur Haar Tumhaare Haathon Mein.

    I have devoted my entire life in your feet Gurudev. Whether I win or lose in life it is upto you.

  • Meraa Nishchaya Hai Bas Ek Yahi Is Baar Tumhen Paa Jaaon Mein.
    Arpann Kar Doon Duniyaa Bhar Kaa Sab Pyaar Tumhaare Haathon Mein.
    Ab Saunp Diyaa Is ….

    My only aim is to fuse with your divine soul and to love you from the core of my heart.

  • Jo Jag Mein Rahoon To Aise Rahoon, Jyon Jal Mein Kamal Kaa Phool Rahe,
    Mere Sab Gunn Dosh Samarpit Ho, Bhagwaan Tumhaare Haathon Mein.
    Ab Saunp Diyaa Is ….

    May I live in this world like a lotus in water which never gets wet. All my virtues and faults I devote in your feet.

  • Jab Jab Sansaar Kaa Kaidi Banoo, Nishkaam Bhaav Se Karma Karoon.
    Phir Ant Samay Mein Praann Tajoo, Saakaar Tumhaare Haathon Mein.
    Ab Saunp Diyaa Is ….

    May I live in this world egolessly and may I die in your living arms when death finally comes.

  • Mujh Mein Tujh Mein Bas Bhed Yahi, Mein Nar Hoon Tum Naaraayan Ho,
    Mein Hoon Sansaar Ke Haathon Mein, Sansaar Tumhaare Haathon Mein.
    Ab Saunp Diyaa Is ….

    The difference between you and me is that I am a common man and you are Supreme. I play in the hands of this world while you play with this world.

Gurutatva Sadhana

Any Thursday

In that subtle moment in which the artist catches a breathtaking scene he completely merges with it and it is due to this blending of his personality with Nature that the result produced on canvas turns out to be so spectacular. This oneness in fact is the secret of creativity, and the greatest of all creators, the Lord, the Guru could manifest such a wonderful world for the very reason that He is present in each particle of Nature. Yet man fails to perceive Him, for he has lost the artistic touch, the art of Meditation and the power of Sadhana. Today his search remains directed outside while the real treasure is inside.

No wonder Yogis sit with closed eyes exploring the inner realm. And when they discover IT a blissful radiance pours forth from their forms. For the uninitiated it might well seem a waste of time to sit thus idly, yet once a sincere aspirant is steered gently onto the path of Sadhana he all of a sudden has a taste of Divine Nectar which prompts him to seek deeper so as to reach the source.

This stage however is crucial, for the first encounter is so pleasant that one may be tempted to neglect one’s material needs and duties and devote all time to Meditation. This would invariably lead to failure on the material front and then frustration. Final result is that one either left impoverished or one blindly rushes into the race for wealth and power leaving one’s spiritual quest unfulfilled. This only creates disillusionment and the individual in his ignorance shifts all blame onto the Guru.

The Master however knows that only through perfect balance can the Supreme Goal be achieved. Hence like Lord Buddha he suggests the Majhim Nikaay or the path of golden mean. An ascetic might well spend all his time in meditation, but for a family man the Guru prescribes a special schedule in which a few precious minutes are daily devoted to Sadhana.

A very wrong belief prevalent among the householder disciples is that the ascetic disciples of Gurudev can meet him or have his glimpse through Siddhis whenever they like. The fact is that they are strictly bound by Gurudev’s orders and can see him only when he wishes to – sometimes after years at a stretch. Yet their devotion in the Master never waivers, for they have had wonderful experiences which leave them in an uninterrupted state of spiritual ecstasy. In such a state they are able to concentrate better in Sadhanas and progress much faster.

Entering such a state means identifying the Supreme Element – Guru – which can be done only when one’s subtle vision is activated. This journey from the gross to the subtle plane is known as the Guru Tatva Sadhana, Even when the Guru is present in physical form his aim is to unite the disciple with his own soul through the medium of which the latter could form a link with the Supreme. And once a disciple attains oneness with the Para-Brahma form of Gurudev he can then have a glimpse of any God, Goddess or deity.

As he enters this wondrous state doubts vanish. Each moment then he has feeling of proximity to his Guru even though the Master may not be physically present. His activated divine vision ever visualises the form of the Master and such is the joy that he fearlessly and calmly goes on with his duties in the outer world. Sorrows, tensions, passion can prey on his peace only till he has not entered this state, but once he does they are simply fended off by the power of the Supreme Guru Element.

Undoubtedly it is the best Sadhana of all Ages, for through it one can directly interact with Gurudev wherever he might be – in Siddhashram, in the Himalayas or on a far flung planet of the universe. Thus one could seek His help and advice directly, and smoothly sail over all problems and difficulties in life. As Gurudev always said, “This is a transition period we are going through and one can emerge victorious only through the power of spiritualism.” To enable Sadhaks to overcome this very crucial period we present this wonderful Sadhana.

This seven day ritual can be started ona Thursday. It can also be commenced from Guru Poornima. Early morning in Brahm Muhurat – 4 am to 6 am – have a bath, wear white clothes and sit on a white mat facing East. Cover a wooden plank with a white cloth. Make a mound of rice grains and on it place the Paarad Guru Yantra. Light a ghee lamp. In the background of the Yantra place a picture of revered Gurudev Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand. Next fixing the gaze on the Yautra chant the following Mantra continuously for half an hour.

||Om Mam Aatma-praann Chintya Jaagraya Darshaya Gum Sfotaya Phat||

Fully concentrate your mind in the recital. Repeat for 7 days. Take care to do the recital at the same hour daily. Chant one round each of Guru Mantra before and after Sadhana daily with a Shwetaabh rosary. This shall double the effect of the ritual. After Sadhana place the Yantra in your worship place at home. Without doubt there shall be amazing experiences and one definitely has Darshan of Gurudev if one is fully devoted. But take care not to reveal your experiences to one and sundry.

Guru Poornnima Sadhana

Have a bath before sunrise. Wear fresh clothes and sit facing East or North on a clean mat. Sit peacefully and closing the eyes meditate on the ascetic form of Poojyapaad Sadgurudev Nikhil at the spot known as the Third Eye. Cover a wooden seat with yellow or red cloth and on it place a picture of Sadgurudev. Light a ghee lamp and incense. They should remain burning during the whole Sadhana period.

In a steel plate place the Sadhana articles – Soubhagya Siddhi Yantra, Nikhil Cheitanya Rosary, Siddhashram Swaroop Darshan Gutika, Siddhashram Varnnit Nikhileshwar Shivaling and Nikhil Jyoti Ratna. Sprinkle some water over them and touching them with the right hand chant thus –

Om Aam Hreem Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Ham Hansah Praanaa Ih Praannaah.

Om Aam Hreem Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Ham Hansah Jeev Ih Sthitah

Om Aam Hreem Krom Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Ham Hansah Vaang Manah Strotra Chakshuh.

Jeevaa Ghraan Paannipaad Paayoopasthaani Sarve-indriyaanni Iheivaagatya Sukham Tishtthantu.


Take water in right hand and pledge thus –

Om Vishnnur Vishnnur Vishnnuh Shree Madbhagwato Mahaapurushasya Vishnnoraagyaa Pravartamaanasya Kaliyuge Kali Pratham Charanne Jambudweepe Punnyashetre (speak out the name of the month) Maase (speak your surname) Gotre (speak your name) Sharmaaham Guru Prasaad Siddhaye Guru Poojan Cha Sampatsye.

Let the water flow to the ground. Join both palms and chant thus.

Naaraayann Parabrahma Tatvam Naaraayannah Parah, Naaraayann Paro Dhyaataa Dhyaanam Naaraayannah Parah, Yachya Kinchjagat Sarvam Dhrishyate Shrooyate-piyah. Antar Bahishch Tat Sarvam Vyaapya Naaraayannah Sthitah.


Take water in the right palm and chant thus –

Om Asya Shree Guru Mantrasya Shree Naraayann Rishih, Gaayatree Chhandah Shree Nikhileshwaraanand Devataa, Gum Beejam, Namah Shaktih, Shree Guru Prasaad Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah.

Let the water flow onto the ground.


Touch the parts of body indicated with the fingers of the right hand.

  • Om Naaraayann Rishaye Namah Shirasi(head)
  • Om Gaayatri Chhandse Namah Mukhe(mouth)
  • Om Nikhileswar Devataayei Namah Hridi(heart)
  • Om Gum Beejaay Namah Paadayoh(feet)
  • Om Namah Shaktaye Namah Sarvaange(all parts)


  • Om Gaam Angushttabhyaam Namah.
  • Om Geem Tarjaneebhyaam Namah.
  • Om Goom Madhyamaabhyaam Namah.
  • Om Geim Anaamikaabhyaam Namah.
  • Om Goum Kanishtthikaabhyaam Namah.
  • Om Gah Kartalkar Prishtthaabhyaam Namah.


  • Om Gaam Hridyaay Namah.
  • Om Geem Shirase Swaahaa.
  • Om Goom Shikhaayei Vashat.
  • Om Geim Kavachaay Hoom.
  • Om Goum Netratrayaay Voushat.
  • Om Gah Astraay Phat.

Thereafter bathe picture of the Guru with water, wipe it dry and offer on it fragrance, rice grains and flowers. Light ghee lamp and incense. Before the picture of the Guru draw a triangle with rice grains. On the top vertex write nim with red colour. On the right vertex write khim with green colour and on the left vertex write lam again with green colour. Wrap up the Nikhil Cheitanya rosary and place it in the triangle. On it place the Yantra. Place the Gutika over lam and the mudrika over khim.

Then chanting the following touch the indicated body parts.

  • Om Nim Ayeim Ayeim Om Oum Am Ah Kam Kham Gam Gham Namah Sa Cheitanyam Sadgurum Nikhileshwaraanandam Hridaye Sthaapayaami Namah.(heart)
  • Om Nim Cham Chham Jam Jham Eeyam Tam Ttham Dam Ddham Namah Sadeergham Sadgurum Nikhileshwaraanandam Lalaate Sthaapayaami Namah(forehead).
  • Om Nim Yam Ram Lam Vam Sham Sham Sam Ham Lam Sham Namah Sashaktikam Sadgurum Nikhileshwaraanandam Shirasi Sthaapayaami Namah(head).

Sprinkle pure water on the Sadhana articles.

Om Nim Idam Gangaa Jal Snaanam Samarpayaami Shree Gurave Namah.

Then make a mark with saffron or vermilion on the picture.

Om Nim Idam Gandham Samarpayaami Shree Gurave Namah.

Offer rice grains chanting –

Om Nim Akshtaan Samarpayaami Shree Gurave Namah.

Light incense and ghee lamps chanting –

Om Nim Dhoopam Samarpayaami Shree Gurave Namah.

Offer sweets chanting –

Om Nim Idam Sopkarannam Neivedyam Nivedyaami Shree Gurave Namah.

Mix rice grains and vermilion together and offer on the Sadhana articles chanting thus –

Om Bhooh Purushaay Purushroopaay Naaraayannay Namo Namah.

Om Bhuvah Purushaay Purushroopaay Nikhileshwaraay Namo Namah.

Om Swah Purushaay Aparaajitaay Namo Namah.

Om Mah Purushaay Purushroopaay Amritaay Namo Namah.

Om Janah Purushaay Purushroopaay Amoghaay Namo Namah.

Om Tapah Purushaay Purushroopaay Aadi Purushaay Namo Namah.

Om Aanandaay Purushaay Rithambharaay Namo Namah.

Om Uttaarannaay Purushaay Purushroopaay Uttameeyaay Namo Namah.

Om Kalaadharaay Purushaay Purushroopaay Kaalaantkaay Namo Namah.

Om Kaaleshwaraay Purushaay Purushroopaay Kaaryeshwaraay Namo Namah.

Om Gunnaakaraay Purushaay Purushroopaay Guruttamaay Namo Namah.

Thereafter chant three rounds of the following Mantra –

Om Nim Nikhileshwaraay Soubhaagyam Dehi Daapay Om Namah.

Use the rosary placed under the Yantra for keeping the count. Later place it in the place of worship at home. Distribute the sweets. Do this regularly for three days from 14 to 16 July. If worship is done collectively then have a feast after the Sadhana. Wear Mudrika (ring) in any finger. Drop other Sadhana articles in a river. If tried with full faith good results sure accrue. One might have divine experiences. Send them in writing at the Jodhpur address. Or you can just note them in your personal diary.

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