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Dr. Narayan Dutta Shrimali (Swami Nikhileshwaranand Ji परमपूज्य सदगुरुदेव निखिलेश्वरानंद जी) is the supreme authority to listen to the next generation of sadhaka of in gyangunj, there is no doubt.

The only monthly magazine containing an assorted collection of secret and until now unrevealed Indian Spiritual Knowledge for the all round development and progress of human life.

|| Aaano Bhadra Kratvo Yantu Vishwatah||   i.e. May we follow a path, for the welfare of all. May we lead the whole world on the path to prosperity.

Mantra is a set of particular words in a particular configuration and rhythm by chanting which one can fulfil one's wish.

Tantra means a method to perform a worship in a systemised way.

Yantra is a geometric figure inscribed on a metallic plate or paper and is the confluence of the powers of the concerned God.

When a Mantra is chanted according to the proper Tantra, the sound vibrations gather force from the Yantra and after reflecting from its surface spread out into the universe and reach the concerned God. These vibrations come into contact with the form of the God, gather divine powers and blessings from Him and return to the Sadhak (person chanting), thus instilling divinity into him and giving him power to achieve supernatural feats.Thus, to achieve totality of life three ingredients Mantra, Tantra and Yantra are essential because all three are supplements of each other. This is the Science.Vigyan means science in Hindi Language.

The aim of life is to keep rising high, to achieve great heights and to keep attaining success. But this is easier said than done. For achieving totality i.e. Dharma(righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kaam (pleasures) and Moksha (salvation) ; and for attaining fame, respect and success in one's field of work one needs Divine assistance, which can only be obtained with the help of Mantra-Tantra and Sadhanas.

Indian knowledge had proved the mettle of its superiority long back and even in the modern scientific times its significance remains unmitigated. This rich heritage, was for selfish interests, presented in a very ugly and distorted form before the society; so much so that the words like Mantra & Tantra became synonyms of fear for the common folk. Thus due to ignorance Tantra became a tabooed and much dreaded word in society and people became petrified just by hearing about it. The common man thinks that a Tantrik is a person who drinks liquor, smokes opium, abuses everyone, has large redshot eyes, one who can kill anyone and who always remains engaged in evil works.

Nothing is further from the truth. Such people are imposters, they are not Tantriks. Tantra actually means accomplishing Mantra Sadhana in a very systemised way. If there is a Mantra then the process of its use is Tantra. Tantra is the way to perform a Sadhana(meditation) in a proper and correct manner. The method or way to achieve totality in Sadhana is Tantra.

True knowledge knows no bounds and this is especially true about Indian knowledge of Sadhanas (meditation), Yoga & philosophy, which has been illuminating the path of world peace and brotherhood since ages. In fact, these principles make it more a system of life, than mere knowledge.

The ancient Indian sages and ascetics had achieved full perfection and harmony with the nature, and they could perform seemingly impossible feats. The Ramayan, Mahabharat and other Indian texts are full of such examples, but today the so-called "rational" mind dismisses them as mere myths and superstition.

Most of the true knowledge has been lost due to foreign onslaught over the past millennium. The common man goes to a temple or ashram, sings some hymns, touches the feet of some Swami who nods his head, charges huge fees as "Dakshina" and assures positive results. Then he merely recites mugged up verses and mantras without producing the desired results. Upon failure and having become thoroughly dejected, the common man dismisses all ancient Indian spiritual sciences as hoax and swindle.

There remains only one way to break the myths and uphold the sanctity of True knowledge in face of such pseudo-men of God and that is to enlighten the masses. And Reverent Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji known to ascetics as Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranandji readily took up this challenge to rejuvenate the ancient Indian Sciences and Philosophy. His name, epitomising the rare and secret eruditions of ancient India, shines bright as the sun in the fields of Mantra, Tantra, Astrology, Karmkand (Indian Vedic rituals) and Ayurved. He is a great Indian Yogi and ascetic, sitting in whose feet one attains celestial peace and totality in life.

He spent many decades in the caves of Himalayas gathering the knowledges from the sages, monks and ascetics. He deeply studied all the Vedas, 108 Upanishads and other ancient texts apart from obtaining PhD from Jodhpur University.

Each moment of His life, has been dedicated to the rejuvenation of these ancient Indian sciences and Sadhanas, which had once raised India to the highest echelons in all spheres, in the world scene. He started his work from the grassroots level, inviting the common men & women and imparting them the knowledge of Mantras, Tantras and Sadhnas, to make their magic work for themselves. There are special Mantras to solve problems like marital problems, marriage of children, increasing debts, enemies, problems at work etc.

Sadhna is a perfect science and if performed correctly under the guidance of an able Guru always succeeds and bestows results. And once the new-initiates had the first taste of success, they would with added vigour try more Sadhnas and even introduce their friends and relatives to this unique Guru. It was a sort of chain reaction which went on for years till millions of Sadhaks had been initiated into the world of Sadhnas by this selfless Guru.

Working day and night for over forty years, Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji sacrificed even his personal moments to help people gain awareness through thousands of Sadhana meditation camps organised all over India & outside India in countries like UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Mauritius, Nepal and several others. He made the new Sadhaks realise that Mantras do have powers, that divine powers can be summoned to help one out and that one does not need priests to perform rituals on one's behalf i.e. one could learn from the Guru the correct way of chanting Mantras and succeed without any third person's help.

There were occasions when several people with scientific bent of mind came to argue with him but returned completely transformed.To all common folks he taught and practically demonstrated that through the means of Sadhnas one can gain a lot in life. Not only can problem related to health, wealth, property tensions, children, education, job, business be solved permanently, rather one can also make spiritual achievements just by devoting only a hour or two daily. He knew that modern man has little time to spare. Hence he introduced the aspirant to quick acting rituals. Many Sadhaks thus went on to gain superb powers like clairvoyance, telepathy, hypnotism etc. Those who tried with devotion and dedication achieved hundred percent success. Thousands had the glimpse of their favourite deity.

Those who still failed to get results were given special treatment. In fact at the very first look at the person, Dr. Shrimaliji would know whether he could succeed in Sadhana himself or would need divine help. To the latter He would give Shaktipaat Diksha i.e. he would transfer a small part of His own Divine Power into the person through physical and eye contact and awaken his/her own latent divinity. Millions have been able to transform their lives by vanquishing sorrows, tensions, poverty; and imbibing the enlightenment of spiritualism into themselves.

Sadhaks under his guidance have gone onto successfully combat the worst ordeals of life. Many were cured of incurable ailments, others freed of tension. Those desperately in need of wealth found new avenues opening for them. Many childless couples effectively used Mantras in his guidance and others obtained Dikshas from him, and thus had a child. Many are living on borrowed time, for he saved them from sure death in accidents.

Besides the knowledge of Sadhnas, Tantra, Mantra and Yantra, he resurrected Astrology to its past glory by making astoundingly precise forecasts in general and for individuals; and he authored no less than 120 books on this subject. He was an authority on Ayurveda and set up special farms to grow the almost extinct herbs. Many disciples mastered the science of Ayurveda under him.

Apart from Astrology, He authored more than 150 books on diverse subjects like Sadhnas, Kundalini Tantra, Palmistry, Paarad Vigyan (alchemy), Hypnotism, Meditation, Numerology, Ayurveda , Signature Analysis, Yoga and other subjects of the spiritual field. He has also released hundreds of audio and video CDs to detail the exact procedures of performing worship and to record the authentic sound vibration and pronunciation of the Mantras. Many of his articles have been published in leading newspapers and magazines.

He accomplished significant spiritual and religious ceremonies at various religious places of pilgrimage in India and thus re-established the religious and historical significance of these places in the society. He presided over various Tantra and Mantra conferences and is recognized as the pillar stone of the field of the Tantra. He has been honoured with several titles of recognition in various fields. He was honoured with the title of "Maha Mahopadhyay" in 1982 by the then vice-president of India, Dr. B.D. Jatti. He was honoured with the title of "Samaj Shiromani" in 1989 by the then Vice-President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma. In 1991, he was honoured by the then Prime Minister of Nepal, Sh. Bhattarai for his unique and singular work in the social and religious fields.

He was nominated as the President of the World Astrology Conference from amongst representatives of various countries in 1979 and has been nominated as President of most of the All India Astrology Conferences organised since 1979. He was honoured with the title of "Tantra Shiromani" by the Para-psychological Council in 1987. He was honoured with the title of "Mantra Shiromani" by the Mantra Sansthan in 1988. He was the Founder and Patron of Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust for upliftment of society through establishment and running of hospitals, schools, temples etc.

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