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meaning of Disciples Life

MTYV Sadhana Kendra -
Sunday 28th of June 2015 02:36:43 PM

True life

True life means the ability to give up all one has. One should be filled with a craziness, a zeal ...... and one who has no such enthusiasm is nothing but ice. Such a life cannot be like a swift flowing river. A limited, restricted existence is meaningless.

Disciple's Life
Life means separation...... and only after he has been separated from his loving master can a disciple gain the eagerness to rush and fuse himself totally in the Guru. One needs a fervor, an enthusiasm, an eagerness in one's heart to get up and rush to the Guru.

One who can give everything, one who can bestow totality, one who can transform a gain of sand that is the disciple into a universe, one who can transform a drop of water into elixir showering cloud is the Guru.

Prayers and speaking out one's feelings to the Lord is a medium of making the mind pure. It helps get rid of evil thoughts.

Devotion to God does not mean giving up things. Devotion means the flowering of all one's capabilities. True religion never tells a person to give up worldly duties. Religion asks a person to get rid of mental disturbance, moral wrongs and ignorance.

suffer sorrows and pain
There is no more a happy person than a Sadhak in this world. A common person is ignorant. Ignorance leads to egotism. Egotism generates fear. Fear leads to confusion. Confusion is there because man has many wishes. And most wishes are there because man desires pleasure. It is due to indulgence in pleasures that a person develops traits. It is due to these traits that a person has to take birth again and again and has to suffer sorrows and pain.

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