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Brahmand Sadhana

Brahmand Sadhana

 published in May '97, page 43. To perform this, you need
 Brahmand Siddhi Yantra and Brahmand Rosary. Take the yantra in your
 left hand and wash it using the right hand. Then wipe it dry using
 a clean cloth or Guru Pitamber. Then apply seven spots of kumkum and
 place the yantra in front of you and sit as muslims do for namaz
 and recite 11 rounds of the following mantra:

 Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Sampoorn Brahmand Mantra Siddhim Kleem Shreem Hreem Phat

 Start the sadhan from any Monday and do it for three days. Three days later, throw the yantra and rosary in a river.

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