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rahu sadhna se rog nivaran

rahu sadhna se rog nivaran

rahu sadhna se rog nivaran

In last article I wrote that the Astrology is just neither a simple calculation nor a detailed calculated maths of the planetary positions…but it is a process to uniform all Your’s consciousness and to assemble all the unknown and hidden aspects and then to devote altogether is known as “Kriya Jyotish”….and this same process is known as “Astrological Science” or “Astrology” in wider sense…which our Sadgurudev has given to his students.

He consecutively gave only this aim to the students that we don’t need worship but we need Devotion….But today if we analyse ourselves we will self understand what we are doing today??? Recently we have received many mails in our group in which people have asked about the preventive measures from the “TANTRA”….here my dear friends I want to tell you that these TANTRAS are acting like the Good Powers and is running as the Divine Power in our inner body and soul then why we are feeling insecure from the same???Perhaps there is something lacking from our side only…because we have not truly understood the importance of the Devotion….Anyways this is something very personal topic…..
Here, we are talking about the Astrology…..Astrology is such a deep and analytical subject that it cannot be understand just by the mathematical calculations because calculations based predictions can be 60% accurate and that too when we have the accurate and correct time…..and we have the practical knowledge of “Sukhshm Dasha, Praan Dasha, Beej Kundli”….but do we have such ample time?????Perhaps, No….

Can we tell that if any of the planet which is cruel by it’s nature that can also act as a blessing one and can give a healing effect to the other disorders created by other planets no matter that disorders may be Physical,Mental,System governed (Tantra),evil spirit or over spiritual….Just give a thought on this…

In whole planets only “RAHU”can give a soothing effect…If in birth horoscope the “RAHU”is present at auspicious position then he will act as a blessing planet…Sadgurudev has told that sometimes Poison also act as a healing one against the poison in the same way any illness can be cured by the special process of Rahu whether it is an Eye problem, Heart Problem or any type of Joint problem…This process was given by Sadgurudev in such an easy manner that it really unexplainable…
This process can be conducted by self patient or any such person by taking a determination on patient’s name….”Rahu Maha Yantra, Oil Lamp” are the only essential elements rest there is no such rule for the “Clothes, Sitting direction & sitting Hassock/Saddle (Sitting Cloth also known as Aasan); but yes, this process should be conducted on Sunday / Tuesday / Friday or Saturday…
The Process – Take black Sesame Seeds (Kala Til) and Yellow flower in right hand and circulate 7 times on Patient and keep the same in front of the Yantra in a vessel…Lit a lamp and pray for the getting well for the Patient and worship the 1 round of Mantra (108 times).After this, again circulate the kept things 7 times and with that either throw all other things – Yantra,Mala,Lamp at the Triangle road or just dig deep somewhere…This process can be conducted till the time the Patient does not get well completely…
Mantra – Om Klim Klim Rog Nasharthe Rahve Klim Klim Phat 

(ओम क्लीं क्लीं रोगनाशार्थे राहवे क्लीं क्लीं फट)

You will be amazed by this process। This is the blessings of our Sadgurudev who have not kept anything hidden and gave all the things to us…So,my dear Friends stop cursing and accept the Devotion and the Determination

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