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SANSKRIT LANGUAGE and Kundalini Beej Mantra

SANSKRIT LANGUAGE and Kundalini Beej Mantra


Sanskrit  is the most original and natural language.All the alphabets in Sanskrit are derived from nature.Nature is manifested as Kundalini inside a human being.The saying "Yatho Pinde Thatho Brahmaande" explains that complete universe is reflected inside Human being.

The Sanskrit letters originally adds upto 50 in number.This are derived as follows:

  • Muladhar chakra has 4 petals with 4 beej mantras
  • Swadhishttaan has 6 beej
  • Manipur has 10 beej
  • Anaahat chakra has 12 petals and beej
  • Vishuddh chakra has 16 beej akshar
  • Agya has 2 beej or alphabets

4 + 6 + 10 + 12 + 16 + 2 = 50
Alphabets from अ,आ,इ ई ,उ ----------- अ:  are beej 
mantras of Vishuddh chakra situated at Throat 
Subsequent letters are from the other chakras
Agya chakra has last alphabets - ha and ksha
The beej mantras are pronounced as haM and kshaM
Finally Sahasraar has beej mantra OM

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