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In the 1940s a very important event connected to Indian Alchemy occurred.One Naga Sadhu (ascetic of Naga Cult) used to lie almost naked outside the Baba Vishwanath Temple in Kashi and kept shouting "Baba-O-Baba".Some people forcibly picked him up and left him on the banks of river Ganga but the next day he was found in the same place before the Vishwanath temple.

The people persuaded him and even used force to remove him from that place but he did not budge from there.Then the festival of Shiv Ratri came and people started coming from far off places to visit the temple and they offered whatever offerings they had brought with them.Some people teasingly asked the Naga Sadhu - "Today is Shiv Ratri".What are you going to offer to Baba Vishwanath (Lord Shiva)?"At the moment some people from royal families were also present, as they heard a lot about the naked Sadhu.

On hearing the taunts of the crowd, the Sadhu once looked hard at them and then took out a small box from his dirty bag and went up to the huge iron doors of the temple, weighing almost 8 tonnes.He opened the box and took some brownish powder in his fingers and started rubbing it onto the iron doors.

And to the astonishment of all those present, slowly the huge doors of iron turned into gold! At that moment the then English Governor, Mr.Algrin was also present.The account of this extraordinary happening was published in the state gazette and also in the charter of the royal family.The photograph of the Naga Sadhu specially appeared in the newspapers, the next day.

Later on, it came to be known that the powder in the small box was "Siddhi Sut", just a pinch of which converted 8-tonne iron doors into pure gold.Within half an hour of this event, the Naga Sadhu disappeared and could not be found anywhere even after a thorough search.

The Britishers had the doors removed and shipped to London where they are still safe in a museum.


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