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GURUDEV CURES POLIO OF A GIRL:Leela 2 Swami Nikhileshwaranand ( Dr. Narayan dutt GURUDEV CURES POLIO OF A GIRL:Leela 2 Swami Nikhileshwaranand

MTYV Sadhana Kendra -
Friday 11th of August 2017 06:55:41 AM


Swami Nikhileshwaranand ( Dr. Narayan dutt Shrimali)

In those days, Shrimaliji was staying at Mukund babu Ji s residence in Patna near Frazer road.
Mukund babu was a house holder disciple of Shrimaliji and used to recite Nikhileshwaranand Stevan very strictly. He was a doctor by profession and was practising successfully in Patna. His daughter was suffering from polio. That 11-12-year-old girl was extremely beautiful and innocent. She used to speak to everyone with great affection. She always had great desire to serve Gurudev. She wanted to make juice for Shrimaliji, but she was unable to due to her condition.
The next day around 5 pm in the evening, everybody was sitting in the room. Shrimaliji asked, “ don’t you people have any medicine for polio? “
Mukund babu replied, “ we do not have in India, but I heard in the recent times that a new medicine has been developed in England which can be used to treat polio !”
Shrimaliji asked, “ haven’t you tried Ayurveda? “
Mukund babu replied, “ I have tried everything possible but in futile! “
At once the girl Padma, daughter of Mukund babu came to Shrimaliji and asked him, “ will I ever be able to walk in my life? “
Shrimaliji asked them to bring a blanket and he lied down covering himself with the blanket.
He told his disciples, “ Even if my body is burning with high temperatures, do not worry. I will be alright in 2-3 hours “
Saying this, he covered the upper half of his body and left the legs until the knee uncovered. In a little while, Shri mali JIs body became extremely hot, so much so that even the nearby people started to experience the radiation of the heat!
They saw that both his legs were becoming weak and lean. In about half an hour, both the legs dried up .
On the other hand, Padma started to feel a vibration in her legs. In about 45 minutes, Padma asked Mukund babu, “ lift me up, I want to walk “
Mukund babu and other disciples helped her to get up.
It was the first time in the 7 years that she has put her feet on the floor in an attempt to walk! In the first 2,3 steps, she fumbled and then she cried out and hugged her father and on the other hand, Shri mali JI's legs started getting stronger. He lifted the blanket and opened his eyes. His legs were same as they were before.
As Shrimaliji got up, Padma fell on his feet, to which Shrimaliji replied, “ won't you prepare juice for me? “ Shrimaliji left Patna on the same day itself.
Later, He said to his disciples that he never wanted to do this difficult procedure, but the pious and gentle voice of Padma when she said, “ will I ever be able to walk in my life again? “ ….. he couldn’t resist himself and took all her karma and suffering upon himself and destroyed that disease through ‘gruhasth Vidya'.
Padma Devi is now married and leading her life happily.

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