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Precautions while chanting mantra Precautions while chanting mantra

MTYV Sadhana Kendra -
Wednesday 20th of March 2024 02:07:10 PM

Precautions while chanting mantra
Precautions while chanting mantra
Keep your mantra and sadhana secret, do not boast, do not go around talking about your sadhana unnecessarily.
Y Have immense faith in Guru and Ishta.
Keep your morals and behavior pure.
Y Don't talk nonsense and babble.
Y Don't get angry at anyone.
Y Remain silent as much as possible. If it is not possible then talk only as much as is necessary.
Y Do not insult any woman, even if she is a maid.
Y Do not keep beating the drum of chanting and sadhana, keep it as confidential as possible.
Y Do not use mantras to cause unnecessary trouble to anyone or for immoral activities.
Y doing so causes divine wrath which shows its adverse effects for seven generations.
Y In this, future generations may have to face complications like birth of mentally or physically handicapped children, frequent abortions, childlessness, death at an early age or extreme poverty.
Y Do not do sadhanas like ghost, ghost, jinn, vampire even by mistake, these sadhanas can give immediate financial benefits but as soon as the sadhanas or body of the seeker becomes weak, he has to face unlimited physical and mental torture. The seeker who does such sadhana ultimately goes into the same life.
Never insult Guru and God.

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