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Friday 19th of February 2021 06:47:27 AM


28th March 2021

Jai Gurudev  The festival to remove all the hurdles from life

Holi is a complete festival and the positive effect of the celestial alignment that is generated in the environment during this night is incomparable. One has to wait for an entire year to get an opportunity to perform sadhana under such energized environment. Also, one year is a very big duration and one can’t remain sure that the coming year he or she will definitely be able to perform the sadhana. Thus the wise people takes the advantage of the opportunities that comes their way.

Holi is the festival of energy and colors. However, it is not just that we need to color ourselves externally but this festival is a symbol to color oneself with joy, happiness, good health and all the positivity of life. The Tantriks and sadhaks do understand the value of Holi’s night as it is not any normal night. It is an energized time which is very much suitable to perform various sadhanas and gain success in them. This night is capable enough to transform all the misfortunes into fortunes.

Presented below are 41 unfailing sadhanas that must be performed on Holi to conquer all the fields of life. These are small procedures which hardly take any time. Looking at the present lifestyle, it is indeed difficult to perform long sadhanas. However, some procedures can provide similar results if they are performed on certain special days like Holi.


1)      Wearing it around the neck on the occasion of Holi helps one to get success in any sadhana.

2)      It is advisable to wear it around the neck for prosperity in life.

3)      It protects a person from the trouble of untimely death.

4)      Possessing such an article is definitely a blessing.

5)      It removes poverty from life.


6)      Use this article if someone is not returning your money. Take it in your right hand and drop it in a dried well chanting the name of that person. Soon you will get your money back.

7)      This precious article must only be placed in your house where you keep your money.

8)      Placing it in your locker helps remove the black magic done for hindering the financial growth.

9)      This article if worshiped on the occasion of Holi helps one attain the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi for entire life.

10)  Placing it in house helps remove any type of black magic.


11)  This gutika holds special significance in the progress of children. This gutika must be worn by a pregnant woman for the good fortune of the baby in the womb.

12)  This gutika possess great power and is useful for the women who have faced miscarriage several times.

13)  If anyone is troubled by an enemy, then the person should take this gutika and chant one round of the following mantra with a Sfatik rosary.


|| Om Hum Shatrumardinyai Phat ||

|| ॐ हुं शत्रुमर्दिन्यै फट ||

14)   Just keeping this gutika in pocket keeps all the troubles away from that person.

15)  This gutika should be placed below the pillow of the children to safeguard them.


16)  Placing this article in your worship place helps one get quick success in Tantrokt sadhanas.

17)  It can be used to fulfill all the desires in life.

18)  One should bury it inside the factory or shop on the night of Holi for gaining financial success.

19)  This article can be placed in house for gaining fame in life. Place it in your worship place on Holi.

20)  One who possess this article gains success in share market.


21)  It is a gift from the God of love, Kamdeva.

22)  One should wear it around his neck to make his wife favorable.

23)  One should place this article in his worship place on Holi to bring happiness in his family.

24)  It is very much useful in bringing harmony in between husband and wife.

25)  It can also be used for making stars favorable for a person.


26)  Performing Lakshmi sadhana after placing it in your worship place ensures quick success in the sadhana.

27)  This article is filled with the magical power of hypnotism.

28)  Placing it at the place where you keep money in your shop ensures that your business keeps on flourishing day after another.

29)  One can obtain all sorts of pleasures in life by means of this article.

30)  Using this article while performing sadhana of Vasudha Lakshmi is a hidden fact to gain quick success in the sadhana.


31)  Wear it to maintain peace and harmony in your house.

32)  A person who owns this article starts to get right directions in life by means of their dreams.

33)  One starts to possess the power to learn about the events that would be happening in the future.

34)  Worshiping this article daily removes sins committed by the person from the life.


35)  This article is an unparalleled means to attain beauty in life. Thus, it is a divine boon for all those who are troubled by wrinkles, acne etc. which are a curse for beauty.

36)  Wear this article around your neck gain success in love affairs.

37)  One can attract anyone by means of this article.


38)  This gutika is useful to help a person possessed by the spirits. This can be done by touching this root 108 times from head to toe of that person. The evil spirit will definitely leave the person.

39)  This root is very beneficial for all those who wish to gain success in sadhanas related to spirits. Such person should wear this root around their right hand or around the neck.

40)  If any venomous being is hiding in your house, use this root to force them to leave your house. This article can thus be of great help to safeguard one’s family from such deadly animals.

41)  Performing Vaital Sadhana while keeping this article front ensures quick success in the sadhana.

It is mandatory to obtain Guru Diksha from Revered Gurudev before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Please contact Kailash Siddhashram, Jodhpur through Email , WhatsappPhone or Submit Request to obtain consecrated-energized and mantra-sanctified Sadhana material and further guidance

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