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MTYV Sadhana Kendra -
Friday 11th of August 2017 06:46:50 AM

NIKHILESHWARANAND LEELA - A Brief insight into life of A Brahmarshi
Swami Satchidananda (in Siddhashram ) had only 3 disciples in past thousands of years. such a rigorous examination he used to take to make someone his disciple and Nikhileshwaranand was his favourite disciple.
Nikhileshwaranand gave darshan of Lord Ganesha and Vyasa Mahamuni writing Vedas ( in the cave of Vyasa Maha Muni ) to his disciples
Nikhileshwaranand gives darshan of Lord Bhairav ( manifestation of Lord Shiva ) to a Kapalik ( whose Isht Devta was Bhairav), who was arrogant of his small Siddhis
Nikhileshwaranand showed the war of Mahabharat, including the scene where Lord Krishna taught Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna. the disciples who witnessed this included Anandamayi Ma
In those days, Tuberculosis was not curable. Nikhileshwaranand cured tuberculosis of a young man who was about to die. he did it after purifying him of his karmic account by testing him
Nikhileshwaranand gave a manifestation of Lord Shiva and Vashisht Maharshi to his disciples on the eve of Shiva Ratri.
Nikhileshwaranand demonstrated Parakaya Pravesh in front of his disciples
Once Nikhileshwaranand went to his disciple's cottage home. Due to fire accident . all cottages were burnt in that incident except his disciple's ( due to the presence and grace of master)
At one instance, Nikhileshwaranand showed entire cosmos in his chest to his disciples
One of the disciple of Nikhileshwaranand was on death bed. Nikhileshwaranand sent few ( nowhere available in the market ) medicines to her through a disciple, and advised her to take it once in an hour . by next day morning, she was perfectly alright !!
Nikhileshwaranand cures polio of a girl ( which was incurable
) , by taking her disease ( and karma ) on his body
There is an underground city, beneath Kashi, in which, a huge number of Siddhas and yogis reside . by the means of sadhana, Nikhilehswarananad took his disciples to that place
One disciple who had doubt, how Lord Krishna could appear at many places at the same time, Nikhileshwaranand appeared to him in many places at the same time and proved him the truth
There was one blind devotee of Lord Krishna who frequently had a vision of Lord Krishna, but could not witness Ras Leela of Lord Krishna. Nikhileshwaranand touched the heart place of that blind yogi with his toe of his feet . As this happened, all the nadis of his body began to vibrate and with the help of yogini nadi , hruday sthal became ‘Vishram sthal ‘ and ‘Raas Leela’ took place.
Nikhileshwaranand blessed a childless couple with a child
Nikhileshwaranand demonstrated levitation to his disciples, by the means of pranayama
Nikhileshwaranand could manifest himself to his disciples who were far off from him, and guide them
Nikhileshwaranand showed past life to a woman who was arrogant in saying that past life, kundalini does not exist ( in front of a huge crowd )

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